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Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Landscaping Equipment Rentals

If your project brief contains the words ‘perfect lawn’, ‘water-feature’ or ‘urban oasis’, A&B has the tools to roll it out to perfection, and the maintenance equipment to keep it that way.

A&B has all the rental cutters, edgers, trimmers, shears, spreaders, mowers, aerators, blowers, pruners, augers, rakes, sod cutters, sweepers, tillers, trenchers, stump grinders, wheel barrows and shovels you’d ever need to sculpt that turf into a show-stopping work of art. And all the maintenance tools to keep it looking all-season amazing, year after year. And if you’re really thinking big, check out or Earth Moving Equipment rentals to help you make that vision a reality! All A&B tools are always ready to hit the dirt with A&B Rental Ready.

And to keep everything clipping along, A&B’s team of trained techs deliver, pick up and handle all maintenance and emergency service should any problems occur on-site.

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