A&B is Serious About Safety.

The nature of our business and those of our customers’, means there are a lot of big and powerful pieces of equipment being used on a daily basis. Without the proper knowledge and safety measures in place, power tools can be very dangerous.

Equipment safety is a huge deal, especially if WCB pays a visit to your jobsite. Don’t get caught with warnings and fines, have your staff trained to operate all equipment on site.

Keep Your Staff Safe by Getting Certified in Aerial Equipment Operation.

At A&B Tool Rentals, we offer an Aerial Training Program for all types of aerial work platforms. With smaller class sizes, it allows for more ‘hands on’ practice to ensure you and our trainer are comfortable operating the equipment safely. Classes with more than 6 (to a max of 12) students will have 2 instructors to ensure you still get plenty of hands on time.

On-site Training, or at A&B for Larger Groups.

A&B offers on site training or in house training for your convenience. However, if you are interested in being trained on all aerial equipment, it may be more cost effective to come to our store to save on possible extra freight charges of equipment to your site.

If you are afraid of heights, this may not be for you! Be prepared to go high up in the air to get comfortable with the sway of the machine at it’s highest. Your instructor will go over
 safety procedures and how to get down if you happen to get stuck up there. Also, identifying different hazards that surround you.

A&B ‘Hands-On’ Arial Equipment Training Covers All Aspects of Operation:

▪ Aerial Platform Fundamentals
▪ Hazard Identification
▪ Aerial Lift Devices and Operating Controls
▪ Machine Stability & Characteristics
▪ Pre Operational Checks for Aerial Lift Devices
▪ Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
▪ Platform Positioning and Park Positioning
▪ Emergency Controls
▪ Safe Mount and Dismounting
▪ Troubleshooting

You will start with in class theory complete with video presentations. The classroom will be to go over all the fundamentals, inspections and safety before heading outside for some hands on experience. You will be given a workbook to complete with a written test at each training session. Once you get outside, it will be much easier to familiarize yourself with the machine after going over it in class. Each student will be given the opportunity to control the machine and get comfortable with it.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued a certificate indicating you have successfully complete the Aerial Training Course and are able to operate the types of equipment you were trained on. You will also get a small wallet card to keep on you at all times while operating Aerial Work Platforms. Please keep in mind, if there was a unit you were not trained on, you are still able to operate it after reading the operators manual and familiarizing yourself with the unit. They all have their similarities and differences and it is up to you to read the manuals to know and understand them.

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