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Why You Should Rent And Not Buy: Tool Rentals In Surrey, BC

Meta: Surrey is growing fast, and contractors will need to get new tools to meet the housing demand. Find out why renting tools may be a better choice than buying them!,

Vancouver might be the jewel of British Columbia with its large population and an expansive economy, but Surrey isn’t far behind.

As the second-largest city in the province, Surrey is experiencing a meteoric growth rate powered by immigration, which has created a diverse population that in fact is primarily non-white. Almost a third of the population is from South Asia, with inhabitants of Chinese and Filipino descent taking about 7 percent and 6 percent respectively.

This immigration growth spurt, coupled with the general growth of the province’s population and economy, will have Surrey overtaking Vancouver as the largest city in B.C. within the next decade. That’s excellent news for all you contractors who’ll be snapping up all those jobs that’ll be popping up in the coming years, but it does raise the question of where you’ll be getting all the tools for the job.

Before you go shopping for brand-new tools, you might want to consider renting those tools instead of buying and owning them. Let’s take a look at the facts.

The Benefits Of Tool Rentals

There’s no doubt that owning your own tools feels great. They’ll always be ready for you whenever you need them, and you’re generally comfortable with using your well-worn tool.

However, a top-quality tool rental service will not only have the same benefits, but they’ll also provide you with unique benefits that can make all the difference.

Tool Rentals Save You Money

Whenever you think about buying a tool, you should always consider how often you’ll be using it.

The workhorse tools that you’ll be using for every project are certainly worth buying because you won’t need to shell out money for rentals every time you whip them out.

However in times that you need excess or specialized tools that are temporary or job site specific, you might be better off renting, especially if they’re very expensive. It’s much cheaper to just rent these tools for the few times you’ll need them! Improve your cash flow and save your money to fund your project or higher value uses. Rental expenses are also 100% tax deductible.

Tool Rentals Save You The Effort Of Storage And Transportation

Every tool you own takes up storage space in your warehouse and will need to be transported to your project sites whenever you use them. The more tools you have, and the bigger these tools are, the worse these problems will be! Keeping track of them can also become a problem and you might have issues with missing tools or theft that you don’t notice until next time you need them.>

For very large tools that are hard to store and transport, it’s better to rent them whenever you need them, which will offload the storage and transportation requirements to your trusted tool rental provider. You also save on owning larger trucks and insurance to transport them or pay a higher price to use a cartage company to deliver it for you.

Tool Rentals Ensure That You’re Always Using The Best Equipment

The most advanced tools are often found at the highest prices, so buying them is often out of reach for all but the biggest contractors.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll never get a chance to use them! Rather than purchasing lower-end equipment and sacrificing features and performance, you can opt to rent high-end models for your projects instead. You’ll reap the benefits of these top-tier models without having to cough up the large cost of purchasing them.

And that’s not all. Even if you’re just renting lower priced equipment, a good tool rental service will ensure that its stock of tools is constantly up-to-date, so you’ll always be renting the latest equipment at the right price point.

Tool Rentals Are A Safe Bet Against An Unpredictable Economy

Surrey’s growth is pretty much a given, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll last. In fact, reports actually indicate that the growth of the province, especially the real estate market, is slowing down.

It might not be wise to buy a lot of tools to deal with all the new contracts you’ll be getting, if there’s the possibility that you won’t have as much business further down the road.

A&B Tool Rentals Is Your Trusted Rental Service Provider

At A&B Tools Rental, we offer the best and most reliable rental services this side of Metro Vancouver. Our location at 10498 King George Blvd serves our customers in Surrey, along with our two other sites in Vancouver.

We’ve got a massive tool inventory that covers everything from landscaping, building maintenance and renovations, to high rize construction. We carry all the best brands and a diverse array of models that will cover any need and any budget.

But even the best tools are practically worthless without the right maintenance. That’s why we take it a step further and ensure that every tool gets the tender loving care it needs to stay in tip top shape, whenever and wherever you need it. Every time you order a tool rental from us, we assign a team of expert technicians who’ll deliver your rental and address any concerns you may have on-site.

Every tool rental is delivered to your site usually within two hours from the time you call us. Our GPS-assisted dispatch system sends out our drivers on the fastest routes to ensure our delivery times.

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