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A&B Tool Rentals In Vancouver: Why Renting Tools Is Often Better Than Buying

Meta: If you own a Vancouver construction business, renting tools might be a better idea than buying tools. Here’s why:

The city of Vancouver is expecting to see an explosion of growth in the coming years, spurred by a huge influx of immigrants and a general uptick in B.C.’s economy. And with all that growth, there’s going to be a whole lot of construction demand.

So if you own a construction business in Vancouver, then you might be needing to upgrade your toolset to prepare for all this expansion. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy every single tool!. In fact, it might be better to rent your tools rather than purchasing them.

Here’s why:

Why Renting Tools Can Be Better Than Buying Them

There’s definitely a secure feeling that comes with owning your own tools and being able to whip them out whenever you want. However, there are also a lot of very good reasons why you’d want to rent tools rather than buy them outright.

Renting Tools Is Cheaper

The upfront cost of renting a tool is much, much lower than buying one brand-new.

Now you might be thinking: Wouldn’t you save money in the long run if you already had the tool and didn’t need to shell out money every time you used it?

Well, no. This only applies to the most commonly used tools in your arsenal, though. When it comes to specialized tools, renting them for a couple of projects is going to be much cheaper in the long run too!

When you rent you can keep your money to increase cash flow, fund your project or higher value uses. Rental expenses are also 100% tax deductible.

You Don’t Have To Store And Transport Your Rental Tools

Yes, there’s a charm to owning your own tools, but that charm rapidly fades when you run out of space to store them. On top of that, even if you can store them, you’ll still have to transport them around to your sites, taking up valuable space in your logistics chain.

By renting tools & equipment rather than owning them, you’re keeping the storage and transportation requirements out of the equation. You might even reduce theft from having tools inactive for long periods of time and not noticing they are missing.

You’ll Be Able To Use Better Equipment At An Affordable Price Point

High-end machinery can cost several times more than midrange or budget models, and they can be inaccessible to contractors who’re operating on a smaller budget.

By renting these tools when you need them instead of buying them, you’ll be able to benefit from their additional features and better performance without having to eat the initial cost. You will also be able to select the exact tool or machine for the particular job rather than just making something work.

There’s an additional benefit as well: Tool rental services frequently update their inventory, so you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the latest tech, rather than sitting on a tool that grows outdated over time.

No Maintenance & Repair to Worry About

Another advantage to renting tools and equipment is that you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance, repairs and breakdowns. Just one call to your rental provider and have the equipment serviced, repaired or replaced asap so you can keep doing what you do best without interruption.

No need for your own mechanics, remembering service schedules, sending out for repairs and being without the equipment you need.

The Boom Won’t Be Around Forever

While there’s no doubt going to be a housing boom to accommodate all that new growth, the numbers show that the real estate market in Vancouver is shrinking. Investing in a huge stockpile of tools to meet the new demand, only to have them sit unused later, simply isn’t a good business decision.

Choose A&B Tool Rentals For All Your Tool Needs

If you’re convinced that renting tools is the way to go, the next step is to choose a service that has exactly what you need. You’re going to want a reliable tools provider with an impressive catalog and a guaranteed maintenance policy.

That’s where A&B Tool Rentals comes in.

A Complete Tool and Equipment Inventory

Whether it’s survey equipment, welding tools, generators, or forklifts, we’ve got a diverse library of tools that can meet any of your project’s needs. Each of our tools represents the state of the art, and we’ve got all the best brands that guarantee top-quality performance.

Fully Maintained, With Our Own Guarantee Of Quality

We take pride in our maintenance routines for each of our tools. No stone’s left unturned when it comes to auditing and inspecting our stockpile. Every tool we send out is delivered, handled, and maintained by a team of trained technicians who’ll be ready to handle any problems you encounter with our tools on-site.

Get What You Want, When You Need It

We can deliver whatever tool, usually within two hours of your phone call. We have a complex, GPS-powered dispatch system that automatically connects us with the nearest drivers who can get to you the fastest.

Get A Free Consultation

We’re always ready to serve our partners in the Greater Vancouver area. So, if you want to learn more about how A&B Tool Rentals can help you, call or email us and ask about our catalog or the services.