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Ladder Safety

Did you know?

1 in 42 workplace deaths is caused by a fall from a ladder.

Fall Protection Equipment is the only thing between you and the ground if you take a tumble. As required by Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), keep your PPE in good condition by regularly checking:

  • Connectors/snap hooks. These are the first parts of Fall Personal Protection Equipment that will be stressed if there is a fall. Make sure they are in good condition.
  • Dirt can build up on fall PPE and weaken harnesses and lanyard webbing.
  • Just like dirt, exposure to too much sun can weaken harness and webbing.
  • Cuts and Tears. Small cuts or splits in webbing cords weaken PPE.
  • Fall PPE used in hazardous environments (like chemical settings) can get damaged fast.

Ladders may not always be the best tool for the job, such as pressure washing. Even if conditions had allowed the ladder to be placed safely, it would still not have provided a suitable work platform for pressure washing according to WCB’s standards. Use an appropriate work platform for any work that cannot be done safely from a ladder and always use a fall protection system when required.

  • Ladder Safety

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