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Excavator Rentals

Excavator Rentals in Vancouver BC / Surrey

Get the Job Done Right with A&B. Renting Top Quality Excavator is Your Key to Get any Project Up & Running.

A&B's fleet of rental excavators is up-to-date, well maintained with A&B Rental Ready,™ process, and waiting to get your project started on a solid footing. We carry top brands and sizes of excavator and attachments and are always adding the latest models to our lineup.

There are many types of excavators available to choose from. The right machine for you depends on the job at hand. Excavators are used for several purposes like, digging trenches for underground utilities, shaping ground for landscaping jobs, digging to prepare for foundations, installing and removing in ground tanks using the machines to lift, demolition work tearing down building structures, and more. Attach a Concrete Breaker and you have a versatile machine that can break vertically and horizontal. Small Mini Excavators are available for smaller and more sensitive work as well as to overcome access restrictions to the jobsite. When using Excavators you typically use a narrow tooth bucket for hard digging and a wider smooth bucket for backfilling.

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