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Concrete Equipment Rentals

Concrete Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re pouring it, grinding it or breaking it up, A&B has the concrete equipment you need to get the job flowing smoothly.

In today’s gig economy, it’s no surprise that rentals are becoming increasingly popular. The truth is that equipment rental has been the industry standard for decades, but the last few years have seen it really boom. Canada’s equipment rental industry is expected to grow by 4.1 percent this year, on top of last year’s record-high $5.35 billion.

So, what does this say about concrete equipment rental? Well, there’s no better time to rent than right now.

What Does Concrete Equipment Do?

Concrete is the foundation of most construction jobs. Concrete can be used in pretty much everything from high-rise building structures to kitchen countertops.

Concrete equipment is used to; mix, prep, pour, place, smooth, and finish any kind of concreting work, and is essential to any contractor worth their salt. Concrete equipment can also be used to grind, cut, break, chip, or drill or core holes on any concrete surface.

Why You Should Rent Concrete Equipment

Buying your own equipment can put your construction business in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before you even start your first job. Thankfully, there’s an alternative to buying your own equipment: renting them.

Contrary to what many people think, renting can actually be a more affordable and efficient solution to your equipment needs. Here are the top reasons why you should rent instead of buy.


Imagine never being limited by the equipment you have—you’ll be able to say yes to new clients without hesitation. Having access to an unlimited range of options means that you can take on more jobs than ever before. Your business will expand, earning you more money and a better reputation.

Plus, this flexibility extends to where you can work as well. Because the equipment rental company takes care of delivery, you won’t have to worry about transporting heavy machinery.


While the idea of renting out your concrete equipment may seem daunting at first, it’s actually no more difficult than ordering a pizza. Today, you can make bookings over the phone or even online. If you’re not sure what would be best for your job a rental expert is ready to help.

Rental companies make it even easier for you to do by handling the maintenance, long-term storage, and transportation of your equipment. No complicated logistics or extra stress involved.

You can lock down your needed equipment months in advance. But in emergency cases, you can get next or even same-day service with some renters.


Besides being guaranteed the latest models and top-of-the-line equipment, you can expect your concrete equipment rentals to be in great shape. Rentals are often very well-maintained, thoroughly inspected, and tested by companies before they allow someone to rent it.

If there are any issues with your equipment (or if it doesn’t perform to your standards), you can expect the company to jump in and assist—whether by troubleshooting the problem, sending a service technician, or replacing it completely.


Whether you’re starting a new construction business or running an existing one, renting can be a cost-efficient choice for you.

Buying equipment is either huge upfront expense or years of loan payments, plus they depreciate every year. Compare that to rentals where you can spend a few thousand or even just hundreds of dollars per piece of equipment and write them off as business expenses on your taxes, all without the worry of other long-term costs like storage or maintenance.

What Kind Of Equipment Can You Rent?

A&B Tools have a full suite of concreting equipment available for rent. Here’s a short list of our concrete equipment rentals

  • Concrete Saws
  • Cement Mixers
  • Concrete Breakers
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Concrete Grinders
  • Dustless Systems
  • Rotary hammer Drills
  • Crane buckets
  • Core drills
  • Rebar Benders / Cutters
  • Scarifiers

How To Choose The Right Concrete Equipment

Look At The Job’s Requirements

Having this as your first step helps you avoid renting out unnecessary machinery or showing up to the site missing some valuable pieces of equipment.

When looking at the job’s requirements, you’ll need to consider if there’s any specialty equipment you need, how small or big the machines should be, and the surrounding environment of the construction site. Your Rental Professional can help with this.

Put Together A List Of Equipment

Based on the jobs you’ll need to do, it’s time to write down a list of the equipment you’ll need. Remove the tools you already have. Of the remaining equipment, see if it’s possible to use multi-purpose machinery to hit many birds with one rental. This will cut down on expenses even more.

Talk To Us For Concrete Equipment Rental

Our motto is “One Call Gets It Done” because we believe concrete equipment rental shouldn’t be complicated. When you ring us up, we can help match the right equipment to your needs. We will also provide you with an upfront quote that takes into consideration your rental period, payment plans, financial assistance, and other costs. In the same call, we can even start the delivery process and get you the equipment you need in just a few hours.

Questions About Concrete Equipment? Call A&B!

One Call Gets it Done.