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Compaction Equipment Rentals

Compaction Equipment Rentals

Big projects need a solid footing. A&B has the equipment to tamp, ram and/or roll that loose aggregate into the terra ferma you need to build on.

There are a lot of socioeconomic trends that come and go. But if the numbers are anything to go by, the equipment rental industry is here to stay. As of 2016, the penetration rate of rental equipment was at 54%, which means that more than half of all contractors used rented equipment on their jobs. In the next five years, that number’s only going to keep going up.

What Does Compaction Equipment Do?

Many construction jobs require compaction—the process of removing air from certain kinds of materials to create something that is denser while retaining the same mass. This is done to reinforce resistance, increase the material’s strength and durability, minimize shrinkage, and prevent cracking.

Compaction requires very special equipment. Different kinds of materials (such as clay, dirt, gravel, or even concrete) require different kinds of equipment to get the job done efficiently. Vibratory compaction works best for granular type soil such as sand and gravel, while cohesive materials like clay and silt require impact and needing force.

Reasons To Rent Concrete Equipment

There’s a long-standing debate within the construction industry as to whether renting is better than buying. In a project-based industry, there are a lot of pros to renting out. It maximizes the equipment while minimizing the cost to you. There are many benefits, both short and long-term, that you can enjoy.

If you’re still on the fence about renting out equipment, here are some reasons why you should try it out:

Renting Allows You To Be More Flexible

One of the best things about renting equipment is that you aren’t stuck with the equipment you already own. You can “upgrade” your equipment whenever you need it by renting out newer, better models. You can expand your horizons as a contractor and accept different kinds of jobs from new clients. You can experiment with brands, sizes, and machines to find the one that works for you the most.

Specialty equipment is just one call away—no matter where your job is. So you can say “yes!” to those contracts out of state without worrying about the logistics; the rental company will deliver your equipment onsite for you.

If the job is small on a granular surface, you can rent a standard vibrating plate tamper. For larger areas with mixed soil conditions a larger Reversing vibrating plate tamper might be best. Rollers also come in different sizes and are best for large areas. If the job is small on a cohesive surface a rammer (or commonly referred to as a jumping jack) might be the answer. Renting takes away the need to own multiple pieces of equipment for compaction, you can just rent the right piece of equipment needed for your specific task.

Renting Is Easy To Do

Modern technology has made renting equipment easier than ever. With most rental companies, you can view a catalog online, put in an order over the phone or online, and all that’s left to do is wait. From the call to straight-to-your-doorstep delivery, everything can happen in a matter of hours.

Plus, you can say goodbye to worrying about maintenance, long-term storage, or transportation. Sometimes all you have to do is show up onsite and do your job—the rental company will take care of the rest.

Renting Saves You From Unreliable Equipment

No, rentals aren’t old or broken-down equipment. Companies actually offer some of the latest technology with the newest, fastest, and most efficient models on the market. And you can trust that all their machines are maintained to the highest of standards, following rigorous and frequent testing before it leaves the lot.

If you experience problems on the job, you don’t have to stress either. Your contract could include assistance over the phone, on-call service technicians, and even full replacements free of charge.

Renting Saves You Money

When you rent, you stop spending on equipment you aren’t using. There’s no depreciation, long-term storage costs, or paying off loans even though your equipment hasn’t been on a job in months. Plus, there are no maintenance costs either, since the rental company shoulders that as well.

All the costs are upfront so you can better budget/price your contracts. Rentals are also immediately deductible as a business expense on your yearly taxes. This, plus the savings on costs, frees up your money for other important things like paying off your crew or expanding your business.

What Kind of Compaction Equipment Can You Rent?

We at A&B Tools provide compaction equipment of all sizes for rent, such as:

  • Vibratory Forward Plate Tampers
  • Larger Vibratory Revering Plate Tampers
  • Rammers
  • Soil and Asphalt Rollers
  • Double Drum Walk Behind Rollers

Tips For Choosing The Best Compaction Equipment For Your Business

Know Your Needs... And Your Limits

An initial list of all the equipment you need will come in handy. Make sure to factor in every possible consideration, such as your crew’s specialty, the terrain you’ll be working on, the moisture content of the soil, and how big your equipment should be to handle the job. Once you know what you need, cross off the items you already have.

Talk To An Equipment Rental Company

With your final list, you can start canvassing for quotes. While searching online can give you a better idea of how much it will cost, calling the company to ask for a quote will always be much more accurate.

You’ll get varying prices depending on transportation, length of the contract, and many other factors. Compare not just the price but also the convenience and contract terms and reputation of the company to find the best fit for you. Remember you are looking for your best overall value and not always the lowest price.

Freedom. Flexibility. Reliability. Cost savings. Eliminate capital outlay, maintenance, storage, depreciation, obsolescence. What more could you ask for? If you need to rent compaction equipment for your next job, contact us today and get a quote from one of our expert staff.

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