Save your back! When you’ve got a ton of stuff that needs hoisting, jacking, lifting, rolling, pulling or conveying, A&B has the tools to do it right.

Get things right where you want them. A&B has the right stuff to safely tackle all of the heavy lifting the job requires. The A&B squad of fork lifts, material lifts, gantrys, dollys, hoists and pallet jacks are all here and ready to perform with A&B Rental Ready.

And remember, A&B is part of your team. Our factory trained techs deliver, pick up and handle all maintenance and emergency service should any problems occur on-site.

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There are a lot of moving pieces that go into the construction business, and procuring equipment can take a huge chunk of the budget. As a business owner or contractor, you need to come up with ways to ensure that your projects go smoothly while balancing the pitfalls of financial management. One of the most cost-effective ways to give you some extra room on your budget is to favor renting your materials handling equipment instead of purchasing outright.

What Are Materials Handling Equipment And How Can It Help You?

Materials handling equipment is any piece of equipment that is used to move or store any kind of goods and materials. Materials handling equipment is used to move, lift or drag pretty much anything.

Simply put, if you need anything moved elsewhere for storage or reorganized in an efficient manner, then you would need equipment for materials handling. These may range from small scale equipment such as hand dolly’s, Manual Pallet Jacks, hoists and come-a-longs, machine skates, rolling bins and self dumping bins; to larger scale equipment like conveyors, gantry cranes, electric pallet jacks, stair climbing dollies, hand crank material lifts, machine forklifts and telehanders.

Why Is Renting Materials Handling Equipment Better Than Buying Them?

There are several reasons why renting equipment is more advantageous over purchasing. The rationale hinges on how often the equipment would be used. Studies on cost-benefit analysis show that if your business uses a certain piece of equipment on less than 60% of the days you work, then it actually saves you money to just rent that equipment rather than buying it.

Here are some other reasons why renting equipment can be superior to buying it.

Reduces Costs And Saves Time

Business owners are always on a never-ending quest to reduce their overhead costs. By renting, you stop paying for equipment that you no longer need or use. You won’t need to pay for maintenance costs either since the rental company will take care of it for you. And once the job is done and you won’t be using the equipment until the next project, so you don’t have to worry about storage costs. The rental company can take the equipment off your hands until the next time you need it.

Allows You To Get The Latest Equipment Every Time

With technology rapidly improving at breakneck speed, you’ll eventually find yourself with outdated equipment in your hands. Sure, it still does the job, but using outdated equipment makes your work slower, inefficient, and potentially dangerous. If you rent equipment, you won’t have to worry about that. Your equipment will always be up-to-date and regularly maintained as is the standard of most equipment rental companies.

Opens Opportunities To Work A Wide Variety Of Projects

Each project needs a specific set of equipment to finish it as efficiently as possible. Rent the equipment you need and once you’re done, let the renting company take it from you; out of your hands and out of your expenses. If you need a new set of equipment for another job, simply rent different equipment. Renting equipment gives you the freedom to take on almost any job, provided your employees have sufficient training.

Provides A Financial Safety Net

Renting equipment is an under-appreciated business tactic—if your business is just starting out then buying your equipment can put you in a lot of debt very quickly, which is a terrible place to start your business endeavor. Renting equipment will help you turn a profit over quickly and more reliably while you continue to navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship. If you decide later on that it would be cost beneficial to buy equipment that’s frequently rented, then you’ll have the knowledge to make that an informed decision.

What Type Of Materials Handling Equipment Can You Rent From Us?

At A&B Tools Rental, we offer a wide catalog of materials handling equipment for all your industrial use. If your project requires a lot of heavy lifting and moving, then save your backs by renting our forklifts, gantries, dollies, and pallet jacks. You’ll not only get the best materials handling equipment for your project; you also won’t have to worry about maintaining, storing or transporting it.