If your project brief contains the words ‘perfect lawn’, ‘water-feature’ or ‘urban oasis’, A&B has the tools to roll it out to perfection, and the maintenance equipment to keep it that way.

A&B has all the rental cutters, edgers, trimmers, shears, spreaders, mowers, aerators, blowers, pruners, augers, rakes, sod cutters, sweepers, tillers, trenchers, stump grinders, wheel barrows and shovels you’d ever need to sculpt that turf into a show-stopping work of art. And all the maintenance tools to keep it looking all-season amazing, year after year. And if you’re really thinking big, check out or Earth Moving Equipment rentals to help you make that vision a reality! All A&B tools are always ready to hit the dirt with A&B Rental Ready.

And to keep everything clipping along, A&B’s team of trained techs deliver, pick up and handle all maintenance and emergency service should any problems occur on-site.

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Landscaping refers to the practice of planning, laying out, and building gardens in order to enhance the appearance of a home. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, landscaping can transform an unused plot of land into a usable space that will really complete your home.

Landscaping has been around for centuries. In fact, we can trace the roots as far back as the ancient Mayans who added plants to their surroundings and manipulated their terrain for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Fast forward to today, and we now have tools and equipment to turn any bare land into a work of art. However, if you’re going to undertake a landscaping project, aside from ample plans and willing hands, you’ll also need the right tools at your disposal.

Tools Of The Trade

If you’ve never done landscaping before and are planning to do so in the near future, then you need to acquaint yourself with the tools of the trade. 

Let’s start with the down-to-earth hand tools like trowels, shovels, rakes, and weed pullers. These ancient tools may have changed in terms of design and materials but they have remained as reliable as ever through the centuries. There is a reason why these tools are ‘must haves’ in every landscaping arsenal.

Next, we have the power tools which can multiply your work efficiency ten-fold. These include items like gas-powered edgers, hedge trimmers, spreaders, leaf blowers, power rakes, lawn aerators and the staple in every front-lawn maintenance kit, the humble lawn mower. The size and performance capabilities of any specific power tool completely depend on your needs and preference, but for the most part, using these tools in any form will drastically reduce your workload.

Finally, if you want to go big on your landscaping projects, then you need to go big on your equipment too. If you’ve been aching to build that dream garden patio or that wooden swing by the porch, then you’ll need the necessary power tools and carpentry equipment. If you need to haul down supplies from the nearest hardware depot, then you need your own truck or utility trailer. If you’re in an area that often gets covered in snow, then you need to invest in snow plows or snow blades to clear them away.

Of course, let’s not forget about your safety. You need to have the right gear like work clothes, gloves, hearing and eye protection,  and hats to make sure that you’re ready to get down and dirty as you shape your garden. Gloves, as humble as they come, can still protect you from scratches and cuts, they will give you a firmer grip on your equipment and protect you from possible infection from handling all the dirt. Most people also forget that gas-powered equipment, like lawnmowers, can emit 80 to 95 decibels of noise. So, you’ll need a good pair of earmuffs or earplugs to protect you from noise pollution.

Why Rent Equipment Instead Of Buying It?

After going through all the landscaping equipment that we just listed, you might be thinking whether you can even afford to buy half of that. You might also be wondering how landscapers even make a living with so much equipment they need to frontload their pay on.

The answer is simple: Rentals.

If you’re thinking of starting a landscaping business or even landscaping your own yard; it might be much wiser  to rent the equipment instead of buying it outright. Many lawn & garden tools are very seasonal and only used once or twice in a season.

Most project managers will only buy equipment if it’s used on more than 70% of their jobs. If it’s any lower than that, keeping the equipment around is a guaranteed money sink.

Let us further elaborate on the benefits of renting landscaping equipment.

  1. You can avoid the huge initial investment when you buy landscaping equipment, especially the heavy duty ones.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the long-term expenses of maintenance and upgrades.
  3. You can avoid the additional costs of storage and transporting the equipment.
  4. Rental equipment counts as deductible expenses from your business tax returns. Compared to purchased equipment that is taxed at depreciated rates.
  5. You always get the best and latest landscaping equipment if you rent it from a reputable source. Not only that, you are guaranteed that the equipment you use will comply with existing safety standards.

Get The Best Landscaping Equipment From A&B Tool Rentals

At A&B Tool Rentals, we have the right equipment that can help you build your dream gardens, patios, and front lawns without hurting your lower back and your wallet. Get ready to hit the dirt with our extensive catalog of landscaping equipment:

  • Lawn Edgers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Chainsaws
  • Spreaders
  • Leaf Blowers
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Aerators
  • Power Rakes
  • Sweepers
  • Tillers and Trenchers
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Stump Grinders

If you need landscaping equipment rentals, look no further than A&B Tool Rentals.  Head over to our website at to see more of our extensive catalog of landscaping equipment, or you can talk to our trained professionals over the phone. You can give us a call at 778-395-7368 if you’re in the Surrey area. If you’re in Vancouver, you can call us at 604-879-8633 if you’re in Barnard, and 604-255-7368 if you’re in Venables.