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To do your best work, you need light, you need heat, and you need a dry, safe work environment. Let A&B handle it with the right tools for any job. We’ve got ’em all: Generators, pumps, fans, heaters, ducts, hoses, scopes, levels, lights, signage and traffic management equipment. And it’s always ready for the call with A&B Rental Ready.

At A&B we stand behind our equipment. Our team of trained techs deliver, pick up and handle all maintenance and emergency service should any problems occur on-site.

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Construction Equipment Rentals

Today, the rental movement is going strong. Over 100 million Americans rent their home, and streaming giant  Netflix earned just under $16 billion last year. The construction industry is also expected to ride on this trend for the next several years, with the equipment rental market projected to grow 4% by 2024.

Why Should You Rent Construction Equipment?

If you follow more traditional thinking, you probably believe that owning your equipment is the best way to go. And in some situations, that may be true. However, equipment rentals are quickly becoming a more viable option, for all business large or small.

Here are just some of the benefits of renting construction equipment.


Have you ever rejected a job because you didn’t have the right equipment? When you rent equipment, that ceases to be a problem. You’re not limited to whatever machinery you have on hand, you can rent the specific type and size of equipment to match your job, allowing you to get the job done right at the lowest cost. This allows the ability to expand your services and attract more clients. You also can make the most out of advancements in construction technology by renting newer models, instead of being stuck with an old outdated one.

With renting you are able to expand and contract your equipment needs to match your needs. When you are done with equipment just return it and stop any ongoing costs.


Equipment rental companies take on the burden of long-term storage, maintenance, liability, depreciation and more—so that you don’t have to. They can also facilitate easy pick-up and delivery, making it even less stressful for you.

Arranging for construction equipment rental in 2019 is actually quite easy. Most of the time, you just need to contact the company ahead of time to make sure that the equipment you want is available on the days you need it.

Some companies will even have emergency rental services, allowing you to make next or even same-day rentals.


It’s a myth that most forms of rental equipment are old and broken machines. Construction rentals are well-maintained and reliable, and if the worst happens and the equipment does break down; you don’t have to worry about sourcing new equipment, just contact them and they’ll replace it with no trouble.

Rental companies may also provide extra services, such as assistance with machinery, 24/7 service technicians, and operator training for your crew.


The best thing about equipment rentals is that you don’t need a lot of capital to run a construction company. Instead of forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy equipment, you can spend a small fraction per project.

You get to avoid expensive capital outlay, service, maintenance, storage, and liability. You also don’t have to worry about your purchased equipment depreciating over time. Plus, equipment rentals are immediately tax-deductible as business expenses.

And if you do decide to buy your own equipment down the line, you’ve had the luxury of renting and testing out the equipment first, which potentially saves you thousands of dollars and a lot of regret.

What Kind Of Equipment Can You Rent?

At A&B Tool, you can rent everything from hand tools to heavy machinery. Some of our most popular rentals include:

  • Earth Moving Equipment – Bobcat Skid Steers, Excavators, Power buggies
  • Aerial Equipment – Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Personnel Lifts
  • Pumps – small to large electric or gas powered Pumps
  • Material Handling – Telehandlers, Forklifts, Conveyors, Pallet Jacks
  • Heaters – Electric, Propane, or Natural Gas Heaters of all sizes.

How To Choose The Right Construction Equipment To Rent

Analyze Your Current Capabilities

First, you need to take stock of what tools and equipment you already own. Unless you’re looking to use upgraded models, you can cross these off your list of things to rent.

But more than that, you also need to understand your crew’s current expertise, especially when it comes to dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. If you are planning to rent equipment that your crew doesn’t know how to handle, you might need to consider the costs of training them or hiring a professional. A & B Tool Rentals can provide training for Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Excavators, and Construction Heaters to keep you safe and compliant with WorkSafe.

Understand Your Project’s Needs

A small landscaping job will require very different tools from a high-rise construction project, so you need to understand your project to avoid renting the wrong equipment.

Consider the size and scope of the job. Some jobs will require large equipment, while others require much smaller machinery. Also think about the working conditions, especially if you need to take your heavy machinery through harsh terrain. Equipment is available with wheels, 4 x 4, or tracks, depending on the specific needs.

Canvas Construction Equipment Rental Companies

Construction equipment rental companies don’t provide exact costs on their website because the price of your rental is affected by many factors: what equipment you rent, the length of your rental, transportation costs, your payment plan, and more.

Because there are so many variables, you will need to contact the rental company to get the most accurate quote. It is always recommended to consider the best value for your project and not always the lowest price. Consider the quality of the equipment, the speed of service needed in the event of a breakdown, if scheduled maintenance is included in the rental, how easy it is to schedule maintenance when required, how easy it is to work with the company when something goes wrong.

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